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Image by Sean Oulashin

Imposter Syndrome No More Coaching

Do you live behind a mask of who you THINK you are supposed to be?

Service Description

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of trendy buzz words. There always seems to be an “in word” in my field, the trendy new way to identify a pattern of behavior. People trying to find a popular way to make a mental health/stress based concern sound nice. Imposter syndrome is one of those terms. One that you can find all over a web search and one that many individuals use in casual conversations. Those who struggle with Imposter Syndrome wake up each day wondering if today is the day that they “will be found out.” If today is the day that people realize they have more bark than bite, they aren’t really the rockstar they appear to be, and if their world will start to crumble around them. Ready to find the real you? Book a consultation call TODAY and together we will figure out how to be an IMPOSTER NO MORE.

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